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Gianfranco CampanaBiography: Gianfranco Campana, artist and designer. The first exhibition in Brazil in lontano1968. Followed by others in Italy and abroad, alternating with breaks devoted research and experimentation in different fields: design, graphic design, advertising, interior design and in 1998 he began his career and also research in digital art. In 2012 he held a course at the University of Brazil digitaart UDESC digital art. Today through art Digital expands its research to the study of color. The latest works by their characteristic called them "scratched". A very special technique and personal thought out to allow its execution over a mirror, The paintings presented are an example of this research. With this ranking technique are common but significant scenes from the daily life and our society. Country: Italy Birthyear: 27/12/1950 Galleries: La cave des artist Trento Itally Tunning art Rovereto Italy international exhibition Torbole Lake Garda Italy international exibition di Drena Italy teatro Juarez Machado Joinville Brasil galleria La fonte Italy performance Mart Rovereto Italy Laba Academy of Fine Arts Torbole Italy Ela scola livre de artes Brasil Ashlife Houston USA........ Awards: 1 prize National Painting Competition torbole 2 prize National Painting Competition torbole merit award national painting competition Padua merit award national painting competition Verona Media: computer or digital art Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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