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Gjorgi JakimovskiBiography: 1.Surname: Jakimovski; 2.Name: Gjorgi; 3.Date of birth: December 25, 1964; 4.Nationality: Macedonian; 5.Civil status: single; 6.Education: diploma of Sts.Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje, Faculty of Economy; 7.Present position: Accounting Manager in ENTER DOO OHRID; 8.Art: •In the world of Art I can introduce myself as Amateur and self educated painter, so painting is my most significant avocation; • In 04/1995 I have participated on collective amateur exhibition in Skopje; •From 2001 I am working digital art with Adobe Photoshop. I was simply using every available moment to create new artwork and the only people who saw my creations were some of my friends. The biggest award to me was their sparkling eyes and compliments. After five years of doing digital artwork the hard disk of my computer was so full with artworks that were asking to come out. Therefore, I decided to enter different contests and competitions on the Internet, all the time being aware of possible fraud and abuse of author rights since the digital form is very easy to copy. In this occasion I like to mention that I was participated in several competitions/contest on Internet such as: ArtTech 2005 in Panchevo Serbia Pixxelpoint 2005 in Nova Goricia Slovenia THE DONNIE 2006 at MOCA.VIRTUAL.MUSEUM ARCO/BEEP New Media Art Awards 2006 in Spain 2006 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition at Agora Gallery- 415 West Broadway, SoHo, New York - 530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York Art periscope - The first internet artwork competition 2006 in Czestochowa, Poland MIAD-Venado Tuerto-2006 Argentina TOYOTA ART COMPETITION and with image called “Yaris in the cyber space” I was selected as second place for the competition. “The Brain Project 2006” International Digital Visual Arts Competition in Trieste, Italy where my image “Kaneo” was selected by International jury in “Top 30” best pictures. Country: Macedonia Birthyear: 1964 Galleries: Biblioteca Statale Trieste Awards: -TOP 30 ARTIST in “The brain project – 2006” International Visual Digital Arts Competition -TOYOTA ART COMPETITION WINNERS!!!! Congratulations to our winners! 1st place~KaosKongo 2nd place~jgorgi (Gjorgi Jakimovski) Kaos' winning piece can be seen on his DA page here jgorgi's winning piece can be seen on our page here Awesome work everyone! Thanks for all the submissions. We will be in contact with the winners very soon regarding their prizes. Remember to check out, we will be posting the winners, as well as some honorable mentions! STINGA -- My Site LIVESTRNG Media: computer or digital art Style: surrealistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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