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Grant NetherlandsBiography: Born in Johannesburg 1962. Matriculated with distinctions in Art Studied Graphic Design at Wits Tech and AAA School of Advertising After attaining an International Diploma in Advertising and Design My strengths in figure and still life drawing, including rendering, Were well implemented Having spent 25 years in Advertising and Design i have established my own Painterly style in a mix of Graphic interpretation, intense symbolic realism all integrated in order to convey my message I attribute many of my thoughts to be relatively symbolically graphic and almost dream state at the same time. In terms of subject matter, i feel deeply for endangered animals ie Gorillas, Orangutan's. I utilise the acrylic medium for now in a sparingly manner. Canvass and or Water colour paper . The Planet needs healing - Source of inspiration Country: South Africa Birthyear: 20/04/62 Galleries: Rosebank Gallery The Firs Awards: Highly commended by Edwardo Villa Media: acrylic, Pastel / Nelson Mandella Portrait completed Style: realistic, Oranutan Painting Subjects: animals and wildlife
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