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Heinrich GustavBiography: At September 5. 1969 born in the town Saidaiji Japan. (today part of city OKAYAMA) Japanese original name: Miaki Okuyama 1985`88 Designstudy at the Highschool in Okayama, finisched with graduation. 1989 Germanstudy at Goehte-Institut in Schwaebisch=Hall and Bremen(Germany) 1989`90 Temporary service at cityhall in Okayama 1991`95 Artstudy at the state Artakademie Dresden(Germany) Cource: painting/grafik and artscience and theorie(anatomie, architecture, aesthetics, history and psychologie) finished With greduation. 1992`95 Near the artstudy, medicalstudy at the academie of medicine Dresden as gueststudent (anatomie and medical psychologie) June 4h `25. 1994 first exhibition in St. Maria church Angermuende.(Ger) May 24`June 15. 1995 exhibition in Altmaerkisches Museum Stendal.(Ger) Publication in artbook "Kunst der Altmark" by M,K,H edition(l995) Since 1995 activity as German-Japanese transrater/interpreter. Aug 25`Sept23. 1996 ejdtlibition in "Mori Ohgai" memorial museum Tuwano. (Japannese partnertown with Berlin-Mitte since 1995) July 17`Aug 25. 1997 exhibition in Weddinger Cityhall Berlin. Official commendantion from Berlin-Wedding. Since April l997 lecturer at Hairfaschn college in Okayama(Japan) (Cource: Art, Illustlation, Modehistory) Jan `Feb 1998 transrater/interpreter for Winterolympic in Nagano. (Japan). Aug 30`Okt 30. 1998 exhibition in St.Petri chapel of Dom Brandenburg/H(Ger) at 1050years anniversary of the city. Contribution ca,120pictures to Berlin and ca,36piece to Dommuseum Brandenburg, from it recived "Oder of honar" from Berlin-Wedding and commendantion with Medall from Dommuseum Brandenburg. Dez 98`Jan 99 transration of text the College for Welfare in Rheinland-Pfalz(Ger) to the japanese ministry of health and Welfare Contribution ca, 22pictures for Altmaerkischen Museum Stendal(Ger)and for church Angermuende, from it commendantion from Stendal(Apr 2000) Sept`Dez 2000 design and buildguidance for Mainhouse of the artists Family. Nov 3`18. 2001 exhibition in St.Petri chapel of Dom Brandenburg/H(Ger) Dez 2`Feb 24. 2001 exhibition in Weddinger Heimatmuseum Berlin-Mitte at 300years anniversary of Kingdom Prussia and 750years of Berlin-Wedding. Issue of Poster, Poscard and eventcalender with titelpicture ofthe artist by culture section of cityhall Berlin-Mitte. Start of standing exhibition in St. Maria church Angermuende (2pictures) and in cityhall Berlin-Wedding (1pictu... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Japan Birthyear: Sept.5.1969 Galleries: Berlin Mittemuseum, Dommuseum Brandenburg/H, Altmaekisches Museum Stendal, St.Maria church Angermuende, Luther Stift Frankfurt/O, Awards: Oficial commendantion from Berlin-Wedding(1997) "Oder of honar" from Berlin-Wedding(1998) Commendantion with Medall from Dommuseum Brandenburg(1999) Commendantion from Stendal(2000) Media: oil, Watercolor, Tempela, Drawing Style: photo-realistic, Fantasy Subjects: landscapes and nature, Architecture, Legendry, Animals and Wildlife
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