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Humberto Benitez Biography: Born in 1960 Havana, Cuba, Humberto came to the United States in 1971 from the small town of Guanajay, located in the Providence of Pinal Del Rio. This is where Humberto began his education and his love for painting.He continued his education in the United States in marketing and business management . As an art student under Allen Telford, he captured and developed techniques in pastels, watercolor and acrylic. He continued to experience different mediums, and was introduced to air brush blending techniques, applied in custom workshops. By 1985 his award winning air brush automotive murals and motorcycle tanks were highly sought after by car and truck enthusiasts. By 1990 he developed an innovative concept in visual silk screening and merchandising, creating a printed, foldable format which are still used today in the display and designs industry. Thereafter he opened his first studio in Miami, Florida , where Humberto combined his art and marketing background developing exciting new trade show exhibits, corporate logos and innovative visual marketing devices. By 1998, with the rapid advancement in computer technology he further his education into graphic arts and digital product development . His work continues to be published and exhibited nationwide in major shows and various industry magazines. His has been featured in the evening news and local papers. He has been featured as one of Miami’s Cuban Artist in a national television program .The MHN lifestyles magazine and the Pastel Society News . Pintar es aprender a ver, como si fuece por la primera vez. Es la esencia que vive y prospera dentro de todo. Es una música visual milagrosa que se puede oír y sentir, una fuerza mágica sutil que se lleva de confiar en la intuición del artista . Mi esperanza está en que el espectador "lo hoiga" también. Dentro de un mundo de colores en pastel y pigmentos con sus suaves tonos, procuro aislar el pensamiento singular que defina una imagen en mis pinturas de pastel, simplemente y sin elementos adicionales o competentes. Esto sucede mejor cuando dibujo en específico tiempo y espacio. Las armonías en el tono y el dulzor natural de la cana de azúcar son recuerdos a los paisajes de mi infancia . Country: USA Birthyear: 5-14-60 Galleries: Citibank Sol gallery Athensi art gallery Merrick village Barry University Awards: MHN artist first chice award Chicago Fair 2003 First place Mc Cormic center Chicago Display unlimited First place Nissan mh 2002 second honors Dorado 2004, Pastel Style: surrealistic Subjects: landscapes and nature, still life ,geometric shapes,sculpture
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