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Immo JalassBiography: Immo Jalass Born 1938 in Hamburg, Germany. Autodidact (self taught). Exibitions 1962 Bauzentrum Hamburg, Esplanade 每 Drawings and Oilpaintings 1963 Gallery in Dordrecht, Netherlands 每 Drawings 1965 Galerie B邦rdeke, Z邦rich, Schweiz 每 Oilpaintings 1966 Galerie Ivan Spence, Ibiza, Spain 每 Oilpaintings 1968 Kunstcentrum T*Venster, Rotterdam - Acrylpaintings 1969 Galerie Mickery, Loenersloot, Netherlands 每 object and project 1969 Galerie Seriaal, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, Amsterdam, Netherlands 每 Serials 1969 Participating the 6th Atelier-Exposition Stedlijk Museum Amsterdam (see museumjournal) 1969 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 每 Participating Groupexposition §Op losse schroeven§ 每 Objects and Projects 1970 until 1999 Yoga. Since 2000 I am working on the computer (digital art) 2010 5 januari t/m 31 maart Vijzelgracht 45, printings en sculptures 2010 10 januari t/m 30 januari 2010 groupexposition Galerie Plein 7, 1053 ZV Amsterdam 9 mei t/m 30 mei 2010 soloexposition printings and sculptures, Galerie Plein 7, Da Costaplein 7, 1053 ZV Amsterdam, Tel.: 020-6183388 2011 March 26th - April 16th, "Distorted Cities to Rob and Lie" Rada岐 - Architecture & Art Amsterdam, Rozengracht 77 A exposition Immo Jalass, March 26th - April 16th 2011 Opening: March 26th, 17h Exposition overview 2011 August 12th - August 27th, "Summer on a soliary beach" inbetween in the following Internetgalleries: NewMasterArtists - With some backgroundinformation for several of my computerpaintings The jpg files can be printed in any technical possible size and / or manner on all possible materials without loss in form or color. Immo Jalass Bijlmerdreef 732 1103 DS Amsterdam Tel.: 020-7729374 Email: Internet: Rada岐 - Architectur & Art, Marco de Piaggi The artist: Immo Jalass is a German artist known in The Netherlands for his work at the end of the sixties that culminated in an group exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1969. In the new millennium, the artist has dedicated himself to computer art. After replacing the easel with a computer monitor and the palette of oil colors with digital graphics programs he is creating digital images that are printed in only one certified copy on different media acc... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Netherlands Birthyear: 08-02-1938 Media: computer or digital art Style: visionary Subjects: cityscapes
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