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Ivanichka PanevaBiography: Born in 1946 in Veliko Tarnovo - Bulgaria. In 1968 graduated in speciality of oil painting at the Sts Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo. 1978-member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artist. Country: Bulgaria Birthyear: 1946 Galleries: Veliko Tarnovo-1976,1985,1996,1999,2000,Stara Zagora-1978,1995,Dimitrovgrad-1995,2000, Pavlikeni-1978,Sofia-1986,1997. London-1980,Nicosia-1987,Hammeln-1991,Munster-1992,Hammelburg-1993,Muossingen 1997,1998. Awards: International salon of invention and innovation: East West Euro Intellect Sofia-1997-gold medal, Media: oil Style: realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature, Interiors, Cityscape
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