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J P McLaughlinBiography: Born in Rotten Row Glasgow a great name for a maternity unit. After the company I worked for decided to sack all the employees I decided I had had enough and contacted Galleries with the intention that they take my work. That was in August 2003 and I now have galleries across Scotland, England and Spain with work in Australia, Hong Kong, Greece,Ireland and across SCotland. I have always been enthusiastic about experimenting with creating images rather than just representing what I see. I believe you have to evolve as a painter otherwise you stagnate. The never ending quest to improve and to capture something more on canvas other than a pleasing scene is the powerful driving force that keeps my work evolving. Country: Scotland Birthyear: 1959 Galleries: Christos Gallery Glasgow Pink Gallery Helensburgh Seagull Gallery Gourock Southside art Glasgow Carby Gallery Aberdeen Media: drawing Style: impressionistic Subjects: light and color
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