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Jane E PorterBiography: Jane E and her brother Guyan were brought up by wolves in a remote part of the north east of Scotland. As adolescents they were slowly introduced to society, teaching each other to read and write and eventually going to school in Aberdeen. On leaving school Janee travelled extensively, searching for life’s hidden meanings. She lived and worked in Europe, Eastern Asia and the Middle East but unenlightened, she returned to Scotland to study psychology and art. ‘I had been dabbling in oil painting since I was a young child. My grandmother always had a painting on the easel so I spent many hours with her, drawing, painting and absorbing the aromatic mysteries of linseed oil and turpentine.’ In 2000, Janee relocated to the wilds of north east Scotland, where she has maintained her career as a painter since. Janee is a figurative painter digital design-mixed media artist. ‘I’m fascinated by the unusual, often tragic lives of my kind and I make art about it.’ As Byron put it, ‘We of the craft are all crazy…..some are affected by gaiety, others by melancholy, but all are more or less touched…’ Janee uses a mix of media to illustrate these concepts and creates paintings to objectify the arcane, paying homage to its memory and lamenting its loss. Country: Scotland Birthyear: 1968 Media: mixed media Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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