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Janybek BerdikeevBiography: I was born in the south of Kyrgyz Republic, in the village - Gumgal. My father is writer, mother is teacher. I graduated Kyrgyz State Arts School of S.A Chuikov in 1984, and then I finished The Theatre and Art Institute of Jurgenov in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. I am member of Art Union of Kyrgyz republic. Country: Kyrgyz Respublic Birthyear: 09/06/1962 Galleries: I am member of lots of exhibitions in Kyrgyzstan and other countries. My last trip and work is the membership from Kyrgyz Republic in Art Studio of young artists “Turksoi” in Turkey. Awards: I try to give to my painting my feelings and the kind of me and the nature around me. Media: oil, Watercolor ,Acrylic, Mixed Media Style: realistic, Abstract ,Impressionistic,Expressionistic Subjects: landscapes and nature, People, Portraits and Characters , Still Life, Cityscapes, Other Subjects
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