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Jason BehnkeBiography: Jason Behnke has been a working artist, designer, and illustrator since 1995, finding his way through an eclectic assortment of industries and experience, from graphic design and multimedia, presentation and web design, to book cover and collectable card illustration, to fine art directions in figurative, impressionism, and abstraction. He went to University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and has found success in all of the areas he's worked in. He's been published by companies including Wizards of the Coast, TSR, AEG, his fine art has been shown in galleries and has been commissioned and sold, and he's achieved a hefty resume in the design field, working as a consultant as well as staff designer in marketing for presentation, multimedia, and graphic design. He is a firm believer in passionately living the dream and making the dream reality in order to achieve happiness in our lives. He believes that we set our own goals, whether we acknowledge it or not, and we are ultimately responsible for the lives we live, and the lives we effect around us. It is a high standard to carry, but one that is worth every moment of this life we live. Country: USA Birthyear: 1971 Media: oil Style: other, Varied styles Subjects: other, Portraiture, lanscape, still life, figurative, abstract, fantasy and sci fi illustration
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