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Javier MarchánBiography: Javier Marchán was born in Barcelona in 1967. He studied fine art and contemporary critical theory at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His career as a visual artist was launched in 1996 at the New Contemporaries, Tate Liverpool, United Kingdom. Javier Marchán (1967) engages on interdisciplinary aspects of contemporary art, design and theory. His artworks use a variety of media (mixed-media, audio-visual, text, photography and graphics) in different formats (film, 3-D sculpture, installation) Marchán’s works have their origin in a creative play between the objective world of surfaces and the inner workings of one’s always drifting consciousness. He favours a visual practice where the representative nature of meaning — bounding together what we call ‘reality’ — gets emptied out momentarily. This methodology is done in order to get a more profound relation to art and to the perception of reality. At the surface it might seem that Marchán’s borrowings are in line with highly stylised forms proper of contemporary advertisement and design. However, it is through a process of abstraction and timelessness – proposing non-objective shifts in our interpretative awareness - when these became offerings intrinsically linked to ideas of significance and nature. Javier Marchán has been working both independently and in collaboration with many individuals from different disciplines. His work is being exhibited internationally challenging traditional formats of artistic practice. Country: Austria Birthyear: 1967 Galleries: Solo Exhibitions 2004 'SoftSoftSoft' 'Cuts, Folds, Abstractions (of Softness)' 'ColumboSoftColumbo' MAK -Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria / MAK - Centre for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles MAK Art Society 'SoftSoftSoft' CCAS - Camberra Contemporary Art Space, Australia 'SoftSoftSoft' Victoria Open Art Space, Canada 'SoftSoftSoft' Jan van Eyck Academie, Netherlands 2001 'The Wig that Warhol Wore' Modern TATE , United Kingdom 1997 'NoSub- Stance (Being, Trying, Having, Nothing)’ Andrew Mummery Gallery, London, United Kingdom Group Exhibitions 2003 ‘Liste 03 – The Young Art Fair’ Curated by Thomas Peutz, Werkraum Warteck, Basel, Switzerland 2001 ‘Still Living’ Curated by Thomas Peutz, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1998 ‘How To Star – Art on Television’ Curated by Thomas Peutz, Amsterdam Arts Channel A1, The Netherlands 1997 ‘Thoughts’ Curated by Carolina Grau, City Racing, London, United Kingdom 1997 ‘Soundproofs’ Curated by David Clegg, MOI - Museum of Installation, London, United Kingdom 1996 ‘NewContemporaries’ Curated by Maria de Corral, Richard Shone and Mark Wallinger, with the support of the Nigel Moores Family Charitable Foundation, TATE Liverpool, United Kingdom ‘NewContemporaries’ Curated by Maria de Corral, Richard Shone and Mark Wallinger, with the support of the Nigel Moores Family Charitable Foundation, Camden Arts Centre, London, United Kingdom Collections Nigel Moore Foundation, United Kingdom Jan van Eyck Academie, The Netherlands MAK Art Society Newnewness, Austria Archives INIVA - Institute of International Visual Arts, London, United Kingdom Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherlands Newnewness, Vienna, Austria Representation Office for VideoArt / Büro Für VideoKunstangelegenlegenheiten, Zofingen, Switzerland Newnewness, Vienna, Austria Bibliography BALDER MAGAZINE - November- December 2004, 'Alma Máter, Text: Maria Magdalena pages 54-55 GOD - Panorama - 6 August 2004, Javier Marchan Visual Study of Aesthetics, page 8 WOHNEN - 4 October 2004 'Art and Play' Ohne offizielle Eroffnung bewegt sich zwisches Experiment und Kulturhighlight. Text: Barbara Jahn, fotos MAK-Javier Marchan KURIER AUSTRIAN NEWSPAPER - 3 July 2004, 'Asthetik spielerisch erfassen' Text: Henriette Horny, page 25. KURIER AUSTRIAN NEWSPAPER - 6 July 2004, 'Schau mit legaler Schmuggelware' MAK: Javier Marchans 'SoftSoftSoft' als Schau-Spiel. Text: Henriette Horny, page 30 KRONE NEWSPAPER 20 July 2004, 'Detective's Game in a Museum - MAK 'SoftSoftSoft' by Javier Marchan', Text: Molin page 19 WIRTSCHAFTS BLATT 30 June 2004, 'Die Welt der Dinger - SoftSoftSoft im MAK', Text Yasmin El-Mohandes, page 17 MAK Exhibition Program, ‘Javier Marchán - DesignShowcases’ text Peter Noever – January 2004, page 9 and 15 AB - BARCELONA – 18 March 2002 'Javier Marchán - Head Over Heels'. Text: Elena Cabrera page 40 ROOM - IKEA INTERNATIONAL - June 2001, 'Un artista indomable- Javier Marchán a new iconoclast' Text: Gianmarco Del Re FLASH ART INTERNATIONAL - October 2000, 'Life's a Mess' Text: Cedar Lewishon, Vol. XXXIII number magazine 214 page 93 TIME OUT - November 1997, 'Javier Marchán- Upcoming' Text: Martin Herbert, page 59 HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON EXPRESS - 21 November 1997 'Video thrills of the wannabe star Javier Marchán - El Greco meets 101 Dalmatians' Text: Morgan Falconer page 30 WELL MAGAZINE - November 1997, 'Javier Marchán's NOSUB-Stance at Andrew Mummery Gallery' Text: Mark Cooper, page 14 HOT TICKETS - November 1997, Galleries Choice 'Javier Marchán at 33 Great Sutton Street' Text: Kate Bernard page 45 ANDREW MUMMERY GALLERY PRESS ‘Javier Marchán – NOSUB-Stance’ text: Paul Buck page 1-2 GOLDSMITHS FINEART -97 - Colour catalogue, (1997) Text: Charles Errington, Julika Gittner © Goldsmiths College University of London Ltd and the authors, page 36 INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY 21 July 1996 ‘A brush with business’ Exhibitions, Text: Tim Hilton page 22 THE TIMES MAGAZINE – March 30 1996 ‘POP Goes the Easel’ Text: Richard Cork, pages 32 -37 NEWCONTEMPORARIES-96 - Colour catalogue 'LO VE ONO LO VE?' Published by New Contemporaries (1988) Ltd © New Contemporaries (1988) Ltd and the authors, page 44 ART MONTHLY - Issue 199 / September 1996 ‘New Contemporaries’ Text: Phillip Sanderson, page 40-41 MAKE 71 - Issue August- September 1996 ‘Having a laugh at the New Contemporaries’ Text: Nicky Coutts page 29 THE DAILY TELEGRAPH - 24 July 1996 'Welcome Blast of Earnest Whimsy' Text: Richard Dorment page 19 THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER - 16 April 1996 'Searching for Ourselves' Text: Adrian Searle page 25 TIME OUT - Art Preview 'No more heroes?' Sarah Kent on the New Contemporaries Text: Sarah Kent page 46 Links Media: mixed media, New Media, Installation, 3-D, Drawing; Film, Photography Style: abstract, Non-objective narrative, fictional Subjects: other, Perception, meaning
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