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Jesus OrendainBiography: i am a mostly self taught visual artist, with a passion for embracing creative channeling. i believe that everyone is talented creatively, all one must do is practice the channeling process uninhibitedly. To do so is a healing action. the projects i create come from deep within. I must mention the amount of procedure and "bubbling" my mind does before i produce a a painting. much less a brushstroke. as with my photos and music i prefer to have been inspired and while having the creative door open i sample all the new and unconventional methods i hadn;t thought of before the stroke of the muse. blah blah blah. i am an artist much like the rest. please dive in to my work and be provoked with thought. it's an ongoing process. i primarily use tempura, acrylic, sable brushes, synthetics, sponges, and my soul to guide. Country: usa Birthyear: 1981 Media: mixed media, watercolor, acrylic, drawing, photography, performance, music, poetry, design Style: expressionistic, abstract expression symbbolic and spiritual, gesture study, brush stroke theory, Subjects: light and color, Nudes, Flora, Landscapes, texture, subconscious, creative visualizations
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