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Joerg MuellerBiography: Joerg Mueller was born on 20 March 1952 in Koelliken a village in Switzerland. He has always had a passion for photography and film and took numerous pictures during his school years. As a student in an Art-school he left after a short time deciding the best way to learn something is to do it. He started his own photography business and is successful taking classical and digital photographs of art, architecture and industry. This is how he earned his living and alongside this he contuinued to produce his own creative work. His interest would go to the inconspicuous things of life, the attraction of the ordinary: a leaf in a puddle, a old man waiting at a bus station or the structure of frozen water. The last couple of years he realised more and more pictures digitally using Adobe Photoshop. "To work my pictures on a computer and to bring several photographs together to form a new picture is great." Working on pictures he pays alot of attention to details, so that reality and imagination come close together. Like life the majority of his pictures are in colour. Joerg also produces videos. Country: Switzerland Birthyear: 1952 Galleries: Nikon Gallery Zurich Gallerie Halde Aarau Stadthaus Aarau Photokina Koln Awards: Large Format/Kodak award 2000 Media: photography, and digital art Style: realistic, video Subjects: landscapes and nature, Fire, Light and Water
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