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Jon RattenburyBiography: Jon Rattenbury strives to create the perfect place. The dreams and visions he portrays in his work are beautiful mysterious worlds filled with light and color. Cascading waterfalls, deep blue lakes, flowing rivers beneath soaring mountain ranges and skies filled with glorious cloud patterns fill his paintings. Jon was born in England in 1966. His family emigrated to America where they settled in Northern California. He spent most of his childhood exploring the lush valleys, lakes and rivers of his beautiful surroundings along with his identical twin brother Tim. These beginnings inspired him to begin drawing and painting at a very young age. Throughout his school years Jon received numerous honors for his artwork. He received awards from organizations such as Marin Society Of Artists, Novato Citizens For Quality Education, Bank Of America and numerous others. Producing hundred of sketches a year Jon only uses the ideas he feels best portray his dreams and visions of the perfect place. He works primarily with acrylic paints on canvas to portray his thoughts. " I would like my collectors to see my works as celestial, serene places they could envision themselves escaping to" he says. Using color, light, and a specific approach to nature, he creates vistas that are exaggerated but the viewer's overall feeling is of being brought into the artist's personal rendering of a very particular world. Whether it is an icy cold scene with towering mountains blanketed in snow or an autumn scene with its glorious array of browns, golds and reds. There is a feeling of being drawn into a place of wonder and everlasting beauty. Jon Rattenbury currently resides in Folsom, Ca. with his wife and two children. He is represented by Collectors Editions Publishing located in Canoga Park, Ca. His artwork Has been exhibited across the country at numerous galleries and art shows such as Art Expo. He has also been exhibited in Europe and Japan. His most recent show in Nagoya, Japan did very well. His limited edition prints are also available in other major cities in Japan including Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka. For more information about Rattenbury's work please contact Collectors Editions at 1-800-736-0001. Country: U.S.A. Galleries: Galleries throughout U.S.A., Europe, and Japan Media: acrylic Style: visionary Subjects: landscapes and nature
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