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K. Dawne HolmesBiography: Primarily an airbrush artist for over 35 years, my career has encompassed many forms of this unique medium. After entering the custom motorcycle industry my airbrush was refined to a level of creativeness, originality and precision that elevated my reputation to among the best of the best internationally with over 100 publications, national television appearances, record-breaking awards in numerous national competitions and collaborations with some of the top custom-bike builders in the field.Various works of mine have appeared in the hugely popular "Art Of The Motorcycle" exhibitions at the Guggenheim Museums in N.Y,Chicago, Bilbao, Spain and Las Vegas in addition to being permanently displayed in the Harley-Davidson Archives Museum in Milwaukee. Having reached a point of personal achievement in the custom-painting genre I have now turned my artistic pursuits toward other subjects and substrates. I enjoy working in a photorealistic/graphic style of painting with an eye for detail as well as metal fabrication, two totally diverse mediums that allow for the flexibility of creativity that each artform uniquely brings. I'm currently focusing on painting botanicals and landscapes which are a personal fascination of mine and allows me to to incorporate many different techniques on canvas. Country: USA Birthyear: 1957 Media: acrylic Style: realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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