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Kaloust GuedelBiography: -Statement: Employment of force-based configuration is the vehicle to achieve my creative objectives, allowing the media to find its natural formation under the given circumstances. A process brings to life shapes and imagery that communicate to my higher consciousness. Artist’s imagination is bound to simplicity and as a rule is in conflict with common sense. Creativity cannot be found free of historical contributions thus it’s vertically bound to the way artist perceives to inherited values. It’s not the subject matter, nor the popular taste that determine the paintings artistic standing, but the quality of execution to which is reserved the true value of a work of art. Verbal summarization may introduce a relevant picture, but should not be viewed as the ultimate bases upon which one can rely, because it cannot realistically convey the actual emotions involved in the creative process. As Marcel Duchamp has eloquently pointed out ”…art history has consistently decided upon the virtues of a work of art thorough considerations completely divorced from the rationalized explanations of the artist“. I paint the way I feel. Country: USA Birthyear: 1956 Galleries: 2002 - Exit Art, Art Center Gallery, Cent. Miss. State Univ 2001 - American Swedish Museum, Caelum Gallery, St. John's University, 2000 - Viva Gallery 1999 - Roslin Art Gallery 1991 - Audrey Ann Fine Arts, Walker And Walker Gallery 1989 - Rico Gallery 1988 - Downy Museum of Art 1986 - Butler Institute of American Art 1985 - Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Lace Gallery, Bank Street Gallery, Allied Arts Gallery 1985 - Parsons School of Design 1984 - The Art Collector Gallery Media: oil Style: abstract Subjects: other, Non-figurativ and Pop
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