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Kimberley WaltonBiography: About the Artist K I M B E R L E Y T O D D W A L T O N In the tradition of the French Impressionist Movement, Kimberley's work is closely associated with the extraordinary new way of seeing pictures that occurred during the last third of the nineteenth century. Kimberley's unique way of seeing, in which forms are dissolved in light, her assymmetrical compositions, and her method of dividing color and applying pigment to the canvas defines her vision of delightful depictions of nature. Kimberley lived on Nantucket for six years where pure light played a significant role in the large artistic population of the Island. It was on Nantucket that Kimberley was exposed to artists and galleries. A graduate of Mendham High School where she won first place in the National Art Honor Society Second Annual Invitational Art Competition, Kimberley studied Art History and French. It was here she became interested in the French Masters and traveled to France for two summers as a Foreign Exchange Student. The French landscape, its people and their language became the driving force behind her need to paint. Kimberley's range in painting is broad while maintaining a central focus on the light falling on, and the colors released by, the subject. Whether it be a single delicate flower or a raucous bouquet, it is handled with sensitivity and technical mastery. Country: USA Birthyear: 1970 Galleries: Gallery 31 North, Glen Gardner, NJ The Fowler Center, Bethlehem, PA Lafayette College Gallery of Art, Easton, PA Awards: 1988 Mount Olive, NJ Art Honors Society Award, First Place for Painting Media: acrylic Style: impressionistic Subjects: landscapes and nature, Impressionistic flowers
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