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King NitramBiography: The revolution is in the eyes of our children, and we are its leaders. History recreates itself endlessly and the spirit of man--within each and every man--is 10,000 miles bigger in all directions than this. I am set free, allow all those to hear who want to hear, and for those who must see, visit the Kingdom: Country: United States Birthyear: Age of Pisces Galleries: NanoEssence 1163 Logan, Echo Park, CA 90029 Awards: Back when I was a kid and went after such things, I won scholarships to Art Centet College of Design in Pasadena, and before than won state and national writing contests Media: other, bad-ass sharpie and a pocket full of didge. Style: other, Endless repetitions beyond mathematics Subjects: other, Eternal Freedom, Enduring Peace
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