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Krzysztof RadziewiczBiography: Krzysztof Radziewicz was born in warsaw 6 november 1950 year. He is graduate of theatrical technique secondary school. He was student of professor Irena Lorentowicz, professor Stefan Lisowski and professor Kazimierz Żywuszko. From 1969 year He works in plastic theatrical studios and in studios of preservation of antiques. From over ten years He works as a modelator in Polish Theater in Warsaw. He cooperates with many Warsaw galleries. Paintings are placed in private collections not only in Poland, but also in United States, Germany and Japan. Creations are inspired by landscape, architecture, human form and musical work. As an example of a Rock music fascination are cycles dedicated Rolling Stones, Jimmi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Earliest paintings from 70's and 80's were based on XIX century art, some were influenced by impressionistic colours. In 90's there was created compositions with distinctly visible structure, ascetic drawing and poor in colors. Country: Poland Birthyear: 1950.11.06 Media: acrylic Style: abstract Subjects: light and color
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