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Kurt Van WagnerBiography: My art blossomed with my interest in photography and travel. I am self taught, with two and a half years computer experience. My most important brush is my eye, for it captures the sense of a place, time and emotion at the very moment I take a picture. All of the photographs are original and taken by myself from travels around the world and from my own local environment. Then... The magic and fun begin. All of the creative magic is produced on my computer, therefore "Digital Art By kurt. The paintings are hand painted, not a one time filter. Other works are collages and various textures and special effects to make one work of art. This new digital media that is my canvas is my expressive way of sharing the beauty of our world, cultures and people, I hope you enjoy my art as well as I enjoy creating it. Country: USA Birthyear: 4/21/50 Galleries: Contemporary Arts Forum Santa Barbara, Ca Gallery Los Olivos, Los Olivos, CA Step One Gallery, Carpinteria, CA Awards: Published in Digital Publishing Design Graphics, Portfolio Issue #78 Feb. 2002 10/01 to 12/01 - two Honorable mentions and one 2nd place at current galleries. Media: photography Style: realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature, People, World Travel, Nudes
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