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LAVINIU M. DRAGHICIBiography: I am danish citizen living in Spain where I have my domicile and my workshop of glass painting. My paintings are made on glass and under glass. The technique I use and that I have developed during the past 25 years is different from the traditional glass painting, a technique for which I hold an author license. My paintings are framed in wood frames provided with usual hanging systems and are not transparent paintings like the stained glass windows. They do not need special facilities in view of being exhibited. My professional training is that of a painter – graphic artist and architect technician. My works have been hosted by galleries, art collectors, national companies and multinationals, Danish State institutions, art associations. Activity with the public: graphic arts and drawings in newspapers in various countries: France, The United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Australia, Canada, Denmark. “By his modern and spiritual art the artist acquired confirmation, his name being quoted in the Dansk Kunst catalog 2002/2004/2005/2006/ - Aschenhoug, the catalog which includes the professionals of the visual art who are recognized in Denmark and whose works and confirmation are evaluated on the Danish and Scandinavian art market by their inscription in this catalog". EUROART OFFICE About my work , glass paintings ; All right, (including all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights) belong to artist Laviniu M. Draghici (Lamarus). Many pieces of my work are also available as prints on demand which you can order direct from me or please to visit : Country: SPAIN Galleries: 61 personal exhibitions : with the galleries in Denmark & Europe Awards: CARLSBERG LEGAT ARTBAAY AWARD Media: other, GLASS Style: cubistic, symbolic ,abstract,spiritual Subjects: geometric shapes, abstract , portrait ,religoius, cityscape,seascape,symbolism
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