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LD GonzalezBiography: This illustration is a partial digital tracing / painting I made from a photo I shot in 2014 of the Chrysler Building in New York City. L Gonzalez is a budding and accomplished illustrator from the great state of Texas. She learned much of her technique from High School art class, watching art shows on PBS, as well as observing and copying the artistic talents of her older brother, parents, grandparents and friends. She has worked with watercolor, tempra, and pastels in the past but her current favorite medium is digital illustration with a program called Expression (Creature house). She also uses Adobe Photoshop and Painter classic for further digital expression. All artworks are done for fun and for the pure thrill of being able to best express the ideas through her digital illustration. Every image is a challenge to create and a pleasure to accomplish. Her best works are created while bored or otherwise occupied which lends to her already quirky style. She is fascinated with Asian art styles and currently creating a wide variety of art as she interprets it in Asian stylings. Lessa's personal art portfolio can be found at: Blue Girl Graphics ========================================================= You can see more of her current and past images here: =========================================================* ========================================================= You can buy artworks here: ========================================================= [Blue Girl Graphics at Society 6]: [Blue Girl Zazzle]* Country: USA Birthyear: 1973 Galleries: Awards: Won an art contest from which was $500 dollars in gift cheques. Media: computer or digital art Style: impressionistic Subjects: cityscapes
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