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Lian ZhenBiography: My name is Zhenlian, I am a retired art teacher, I have been both Primary and Secondary art teacher, now I devote all my time to painting and drawings, I love both oil painting and Chinese painting, I am self-taught artist, I don't have much formal training in painting especially in Chinese painting. I regard painting as a pastime , in fact this is my most favorite pastime at old age, it helps me forget the loneliness of age. I like to cover my canvas with a profusion of colours, I love colours for their dream-like imageries, in fact all my paintings are not just simple reproductions of the real world, they are integrations of the symbolic and the real. Country: China Birthyear: 06061948 Media: oil, water colour Style: expressionistic, symbolic,impressionistic,fantasy Subjects: landscapes and nature, animals and wild life,still life,light and colour
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