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Lydell Michael'sBiography: Lydell Michael's, renowned vocalist producer, composer and music enthusiast has his own musical message, born of fascinatingly diverse musical influences. Few Hip Hop musicians can claim as broad a spectrum of performing and recording diversity. The list doesn't stop there. Lydell Michael's has been heard either live or on recordings with, among others, Kevin Lewis and Jamie Cox. Lydell Michael's smooth sound has been called "a true work of art" by his audience. Perhaps the most unique of Lydell Michael's accomplishments to date is a solo recording, utilizing multiple vibe and overdubs, creating richly textured soundscapes. Musical Friends Review writes: "This music is made of the same fabric dreams are made of. This daring recording is solid." A humble masterpiece!". It's a spellbinding musical journey, featuring original compositions and improvisational dialogues of incredible depth. "You feel your soul being drawn to the dance floor as if by magic! a true musical adventure". In addition to "Other Worlds", he gives all credit to his longtime friend, and fellow music artist Kevin Lewis. Who also solos, moving well beyond his instruments' technical limitations. His compositions are harmonic and rhythmic richness with just a touch of irony. His goal is perfection and he puts forth premium efforts. Country: USA Birthyear: 1965 Media: other, Music Style: other, Hip Hop/ R&B
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