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MAURIZIO ISERNIABiography: This space is for those who does not stop at appearances, who devotes little time and space to the obvious and trivial. And 'dedicated to those who want to stop for a moment and ... to see. Maurizio Isernia painted with images. It 's the way of thinking that creeps, the light that gives life to the body. I loved her more than anything: the light , the most enigmatic that there is in nature, its flow discreet , its intrusive privacy. I loved the way in which things caresses , his thunderous silence , its quiet violent , dizzying . The light that passes through a hole and projects the inverted imago of the objects on the canvas ... The light that goes around the colors of things, and it also does not stumble in where no eye , no room in the dark ... The light , the messenger of the visible, that exists for itself, and when there will be more eyes to accept it , will continue to travel the same in the heavens without any purpose ... It 's the most powerful mystery of the universe . Understand everything with our science , but the light never ... The light for me, was the voice of God (Michelangelo Merisi through Francesco Fioretti) More Country: Italia Birthyear: 1962 Galleries: Heritage Sicilia Ragusa Pro Loco Siculiana Awards: 1^ place 3MAGGIO3FOTO Finalist in Heritage Sicilia Photo contest Media: photography Style: photo-realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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