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Manisha GulyaniBiography: Manisha Gulyani was born on 14th September 1985. This versatile Kathak Dancer of Jaipur Gharna began her training in Kathak Kendra under the guidance of Dr. Shashi sankhla. She still enhancing her Kathak skills under her Guru PT. GIRDHARI MAHARAJ. She has performed in numerous dance shows in India, such as : Khajuraho DanceFestival,Kathak Samaroh Rajasthan Utsav , Vindhya Utsav etc. Manisha has danced in a composition 'Vande Mataram' under the Direction of Pt. Birju Maharaj. She has also choreographed for a chineese movie and various Dance shows and has participated and organized various Kathak workshops. She is a Scholarship holder under the Ministry Of Culture & H.R.D., A Graded artist under Ministry of Bradcasting and Information & Song & Drama Divison. She is not just a good Kathak Dancer but she also has good command over other Indian Film and Folk Dances like Chari , Ghoomer, Kalbeliya, Mand, Gair,Garba,Dandiya, Gidda, Kashmiri-Doongri, Pahari, Bengali, Odiya and few Tribal dances as well. Her latest venture is that she has launched a society to serve performing arts, naming: "Focus Performing Arts Society." Country: India Birthyear: 1985 Awards: Graded Artist under Prasar Bharti & Song & Drama Divison. Awarded scholarship under the "Ministry of Culture - Govt. of India" from Dec 2005 to Dec 2007. Performed on the occasion of 60th anniversary of ICCR at New Delhi, India. Proud member of International Dance Council - C.I.D. (UNESCO). Approved artist in Indian Ministry of broadcasting and Information. Participated in 'Vande Mataram' under the direction of PT. BIRJU MAHARAJ. Got Scholarship from Govt. of India from 1999-2004 (C.C.R.T). Scholarship Award was given twice by Govt. of Rajasthan (Jaipur Kathak Kendra) India. Won several awards during school and college tenure. Given performances through Rajasthan tourism and Madhya Pradesh tourism throughout India. Represented as a National participant in Social Science exhibition of India for 3 times. Given a number of Dance performances as guest artist on Television. Performed at Bagha Border on the celebration of Indian Army. Performed in Delhi at Teachers Extensive Award. Performed in various Political Delegations and seminars. Invited by the Greece Govt. twice in their 'International Dance Festival 2002' and 'Olympics 2004'. Have done theatre for 4 years as an Artist (Drama) and given around 40 shows across the country. Performed as a soloist in the 40th annual event of 'Central Bank Of India' . Performed Rajasthani Folk dance in annual celebration of 'All India Radio'. Anchored around 80 Television shows. Acted in various dance videos. Anchored various grand events and carnivals like Ramoji Carnival etc. And Many More....... Media: performance Style: other, Kathak Subjects: other, Dance
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