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Marianne MölgårdBiography: Drawing and painting have always followed my life, some periods more, some less. Portraiture is my passion. Over the years I have worked in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and done drawings and charcoal drawings. Oil is the medium lovely to work with, its follows the hand and though, feeling and blends the colours fantastic. Acrylics have many advantages: they dry quickly, they have no bothersome chemicals, and no smells. My passion for painting in watercolours is primarily in the freshness and lovely vitality of the colours. Charcoal drawings give me wonderful challenges in depicting gradations of light and shade. I always carry my drawing tools with me [in my bag/purse]. My ambition is to give my paintings a realistic look and a special atmosphere. In my portraits I aim at a realistic and true look and living portrait. I paint portraits, landscapes, animals or the object that the ordered wishes, from photographs in different mediums; oil, acrylic, watercolour or charcoale / pencil. Welcome ... Country: Sweden Birthyear: 1953 Galleries: Over the years I have had several Exhibitions. In Europe and International, with Good critics Awards: Artist of the Week SOMETHING FISHY MUSIC & PUBLISHING and more Media: acrylic, I also work in Oil, watercolor, pastel and pencels Style: realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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