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Marijan GalBiography: My name is Marijan Gal. I was born 22nd of Jun, 1965. in small village Kunovec, (North-South of Croatia, Europe) where I went to The Primary school. In Koprivnica I went to The Secondary school, branch: informatics. From 1986. - 1989. I went to The Fakulty of the organisation and informatics in Varazdin (FOI-VZ). I graduated in January 1990. (branch:data processing). From 1993. I worked in Electronic Computer Center, in Podravka, on a jobs of programming. From the 1st of January 1998. I worked on a jobs of designin of a computer systems. From the December of 1999. I create internet and intranet web-pages of Podravka. With a painting art I was occupied from my 15th year of my life. Untill today I organized 8 self-standing exibitions and took part on (at least) 30 group exibitions as a member. In 1981. I painted my first geometrical picture which strikes the foundation to my geometrical point-of-view of the surrounding world and I am very proud of it. From 1990. my main art-branch become geometrical apstractions. Untill today I created 140 geometrical pictures in different sizes. (Actually, in my 30-years-long artistic period I made over 500 pictures of different kinds and teqnicks.) Country: Croatia Birthyear: 1965. Galleries: Highschool of Koprivnica, 1981. Universitiy of Economy and Informatics, Basement Gallery,1987. Town's Gallery, Varazdin, Croatia,1987-90. Podravka Gallery Hall, Koprivnica, Croatia, 1992. Business Chamber of Split town, Cro, 1998. ''Croatian National Theathar'', Split, 2000. HZ Gallery ''In Doorway'' Zagreb, Cro, 2007. Town's Bookstore ''Juraj Sizgoric'' Sibenik, 2007. Cro Media: oil, drawing, comp. and digital art, plexiglass, plastics Style: abstract, realistic, cubistic, Fantasy Subjects: geometric shapes, Landscapes, Portraits
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