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Michael CrawfordBiography: I've always been drawn to rich colors and textures. They seem to punch through clutter and demand attention. And when looking at them I usually end up daydreaming. Those little side trips of the imagination were a great source of relaxation and inspiration and ultimately became the basis for my photography. I like the way a lush color focuses the eye, how textures make you want to reach out and the irony that clean visual structures can expand the imagination rather than inhibit it. Photographs were no longer about defining a wall, but a way of punching a hole through it. Sometimes those qualities are found in big vistas and at other times in extreme close ups. These images engage my mind with possibilities. I hope some will punch a hole through your box. Strong textures, rich colors and clean patterns are hallmarks of Michael Crawford's photography. Country: USA Galleries: Berkeley Art Center (Berkeley, CA), Canvas Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Art Museum of Los Gatos (Los Gatos, CA), Studio 333 (Sausalito, CA), Flash Gallery/Block 7 (Lakewood, CO), Artisans Gallery (Mill Valley, CA) Media: photography Style: realistic Subjects: light and color
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