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Michael KnightBiography: I have been a traditional artist all my life. I made the transition to digital artwork some 8 years ago and have been heavily involved in graphical applications like Photoshop and Bryce 3D. I find the combination of 3D and Photoshop opens a world of incredible image possibilities that I can create faster and more effectively then I ever could have hoped to using my original techniques. Which at the time were quite varied: Photography of miniatures that I would create, painting, airbrushing, hand drawing... you name it. The computer has enabled me to combine all of these things into a much smaller and dare I say cleaner environment with a speed and precision I could have never imagined. I curently own my own company titled: Knight's Visual Redemption and I teach Photoshop and Flash basics for two of Winnipeg's largest technical colleges. Working closely with my business associate R. Lanthier we have produced a CD of some of our many abstract high quality backgrounds and are well into production of our 2nd CD "Hyper-Organics." Country: Canada Birthyear: 1963 Awards: Some of our work is to be featured in EFX Art & Design magazine's METAL HEART 2 project. Media: computer or digital art Style: other, combination of many styles, abstract, surreal, fantasy, symbolic, almost any type of image, I love abstract themes though
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