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Michael SturdyBiography: Michael Sturdy began to study art when he was in his teens. He won a Gold Key from National Scholastics in 1988 for his painting, "Dancing Stalks", an abstract-expressionist interpretation of corn stalks being blown about by the wind in the setting sun of Indian summer. Since then, he has continued to paint in the abstract-expressionist style. However, his style varies in that it attempts, not only to release the image, but to release the texture, the hue and the light of the emotive connections to the conscious mind through form and motion. Although Sturdy was born in Detroit, Michigan, he grew up on the outskirts of Detroit in Plymouth, Michigan. He now lives in Yokohama, Japan where he teaches English and American Literature. He is currently working on a series which attempts to release the conscious mind's vision of nature. In addition to painting, Sturdy is also a writer and a poet. His first short story,"John Walker, the wonders of his head" was published in the magazine, "Yeah, Whatever!" in 1988. Since then, he has published poetry in English and in Japanese. His works, "LineWalking" and "Expressions with the Hand" are still in print. He is currently working on a collection entitled, "Dharma's Daifuku," which is scheduled for publication some time in 2010. Country: Japan Birthyear: 1969 Media: acrylic Style: expressionistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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