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Mike BohatchBiography: Mike is a professional commercial illustrator and graphic designer residing in Colorado, specializing in the realm of dark horrific imagery and surreal compositions. His award-winning work can be found in numerous publications and CD packages both nationally and internationally. Techniques used in the creation process combine the mediums of drawing, painting, assemblage, collage, photography, sculpture and digital compositing. His background comes from many years of hard work in the digital field and schooling in the traditional arts. As a true fan of horror and the fantasy genre, Mike produces dark art that both illustrates and brings to life nightmares and fears based on emotions, mythology and common day realities. His concepts and ideas originate from the result of having an over-active imagination. Professional work includes CD art, magazine illustrations and covers, comic covers, motion graphics, video covers and book covers. Other professional work includes web design, prepress and printing. His future goals entail working more with the motion pictures and comic-book industry. Country: USA Media: mixed media Style: surrealistic Subjects: other, Emotional Impact Art
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