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Mike MooreBiography: Mike Moore started sketching as a child in his home town of Ottawa, an activity that grew into a much loved hobby. With no formal training, Mike tried to achieve his own style of photo-realism strictly with coloured pencils and only began working full time at it since moving to Marathon, Ontario on the north central shore of Lake Superior. While living deep in the Canadian Shield most of Mike's time was spent on commissioned black and white or coloured pencil portraits and creating colour pencil sketches of the rugged, unspoiled wilderness along the North Superior shoreline. In order to reach a larger market, he moved south to Uxbridge located in the farmland northeast of Toronto. Mike will now concentrate on capturing the spirit of green meadows and forests, dairy, sheep, cattle and horse farms, all tucked in and about the rolling hills of the Durham Region. The artist's first love, however is cartooning. His first graphic novel, "The Adventures of Spike and the Deederoos" is previewed under "Graphic Novels" on his own website. Mike sells the comic as an e-book on cd. When Mike isn't sketching or cartooning he plays hockey, snorkels, goes fishing, skiis and plays tennis. Country: Canada Birthyear: 1955 Media: drawing Style: photo-realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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