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Milan FrčkoBiography: My name is MILAN FRČKO I was born 12th of October, 1955. in small town Koprivnica, North-west of Croatia. It is 93 km far from Capitol Zagreb to north. I am married. Since 1980. I work in ''Podravka'', croatian bigest food factory. Since 1970. I began painting. It was long time ago, realy. On the occasion of 30 Anniversary of Hlebine gallery I was included among 10 painters as an alternative of famous ones and beside of four classics world-famous Croatian Naive Art (known as "Hlebine art school") I was represented in catalog ''Izvori i struje'' ("Sources and Streams") of female author Mrs. Božica Jelušić. The two main sponsors of that event were: Koprivnica-Križevec County and Croatian Ministry for European Integrations. Since 1997. I write songs. Until today I published two poetry books: ''Snovi'' /"Dreams"/ (2000.) and ''Ispunjenje'' /"Fulfilment"/ (2001.). Country: Croatia (Hrvatska) Birthyear: 1955 Media: oil Style: mystical, abstract visions of Space and early-Earth surface Subjects: landscapes and nature
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