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Ming Wei Biography: The first Ethnic Chinese wash-landscape painter who is called "the founder of wash-landscape painting". Wei Ming the master is now insisted in the Chinese and each city university to proceeds his personal painting exhibition. The Master's outstanding works are full of joie de vivre, not only there is the essence of the race tradition, more valuable is "coming out from that the Chinese paintings cannot be understood by the foreigners, and make it become the painting art of the international". Our departmentalism drafts the plan to proceed the master's works to exhibit everywhere now for introducing the master's an all new art style with all the collectors and art-lovers of the world, if your departmentalism wish to cooperate with us or to have any suggestions, can contact with us, and to promote the exchanging of the painting fields, and do or best contributions. Our web address is: Country: China Birthyear: 1956 Galleries: white clouds ridge Media: other, wash-landscape Style: realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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