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Neal BarbosaBiography: Biography Name:Neal Barbosa Place of birth: Santa Ana, CA Date of birth: 9/23/66 I grew up in El Toro CA. My mother tells that I have been drawing since I was 9 years old I didn';t feel like a real Artist until the mid 80s when I left Eltoro, and moved north to Sonoma County. My uncle bought me my first airbrush and turned me on to the artworks of Stanley Mouse, Andalton Kelley, Riscard Ash, Pat Ryan, Don Delew and Nat Quick. I was really inspired by there full colour t-shirts and monster calendars, and sharp images began airbrushing. Sometimes 4 to 5 hrs strait. I stayed with the techneek for several years, then in the 90s I became interested in acrylic paints, I began painting acrylic on canvass, I am self taught and have had no formal art lessons. My artwork is spontaneous, and I enjoy painting abstracts. I like to paint strange things to get peoples attention. I love to sing my art work before I finish it. Things and places I've painted include shoes, pants, couches, pillow cases, ties, mattcornfoots ceiling in his house, sammy hagars jacket, the bathroom at Johnnys Java in coffee house in cotatie, CA t-shirts doors, wooden ducks, telephons, beads, and many other items too numerous to list. Some well deserved thanks; thank you mamma for having me, and quitting smoking before you decided to bring me into this world. I would like to thank Dan for designing this site for me, and for trading links. Bison brewing company for lending me their pub to exhibit my first art show ever in Berkely CA. Your the bomb Taylor made coffee for delivering 4x9 foot pieces. Cheekos coffee for showing my art in Sebastopol CA. Much appreciated. Thank you to all my friends and acquaintances, who have bought my artwork. Your great, thank you to all my radio listeners. Keep your ear to the ground! Special thanks to Nanette Owens, for getting me off my beer drinking and doing something with my art. thanks for buying my pictures and ties and thanks for typing all my materials. oh mamma!!! Please feel free to put my site on your web-page as a link bye buy for now ‘peace and two beers’ Neal Barbosa 1/25/2000 All Art Done By Neal Ray Barbosa!! Artist's Statement my favorite documentry :gaped tooth women by les blank.ok my artist statement:i would realy love to paint live during some ones next private party or event. Morris & Barbosa By Michelle O’Kane I arrived at Petaluma’s Ground Up Cafe to see and hear Morris & Barbosa improv Jazz and perfo... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: usa Birthyear: 1966 Galleries: none Awards: none, but i would love it if you would check out my internet radio show,just go to my web page and click Media: acrylic Style: other, abstract,landscapes,pop art,contemorary, Jazz portraits,color,bathroom, womens bodies
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