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Nora BegoņaBiography: I started painting at the age of 27 and I haven't stopped since then. My ArtWork has been shown in different exhibitions, locally and abroad. I have won many awards in different exhibitions. Nowadays I'm painting Fantasy themes combined with realistic ones. My paintings are about fairies, wildlife, wizards and ideal worlds where all creatures live in peace, taking care of each other. Country: Argentina Birthyear: March 8th. 1959 Galleries: Art Centre of La Boca Buenos Aires Awards: 1989- 3rd Prize Christmas Exhibition 1989- Best piece of Art illustrated with flowers. 1994- 1st Prize Best Piece Christmas Exhibition 1997- Best Head of Quarte Horse. Horse Exhibition 2002 Best Artist on the Month: February 2002 "The Artist Ascension Gallery" Media: acrylic Style: fantasy Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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