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Olga GelfandBiography: Gelfand Olga Kirillovna Gelfand Olga Kirillovna (born Yazykova) comes of an ancient noble kin of the Yazykovs. The forefather of this kin is the Golden Horde khan's nephew, duke Engylei, who in 1630 went to serve the grand duke Dmitri Donskoy. The father of the great grandfather P.M. Yazykov( 1798-1851) was a geologist- paleontologist, patron of ait. He is the eider brother öf N.M. Yazykov, who was close to A. Pushkin and N. Gogol. Olga Gelfand was born on April 30, 1955 1h" Kuibyshev. She has high pedagogical education. In 1984 she mastered the jeweller's art with precious stones and enamel. Since 2004 started painting in water colours. The works were highly appreciated by specialists and exhibited in Samara and Mosow galleries. Olga Kirillovna is member of Samara Union of Painters "Palitra". Her works can be found in private collections in Russia and abroad. Country: Russia Birthyear: 30.04.1955 Galleries: art-russ-galerie Media: watercolor Style: realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature, Animals and Wildlife
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