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Olga PerryBiography: I make art because I must. It’s a need, an obsession, an addiction. Mood, emotion, feeling and the underlying spirit - this is what I love. It took me 30 years to realize that. I was born in Moscow, Russia. I have been through dramatic carrier changes including piano player, engineering, medical doctor, Ph.D., major of Russian Army, business owner. I moved to USA in 1995 with two bags and about 50 English words on my vocabulary. My life in the States has changed according to the speed at which I have learned English, including a baby-sitter, department store cashier, hostess, waitress, telemarketing, some computer programming and business college, a corporate manager and finally the vise president of a renewable energy corporation. Art became my new and only passion after year of drawing and three months of sculpting in art school. I have been sculpting full time since 2003. My art work is necessary and simple, it is the air I breathe and it is true creation of my soul. Current residence: Monterey Bay, CA. Harry Weisburd, Berkeley, CA, figurative sculptor and former professor of art at the University of Connecticut and Westfield State College at Westfield, Massachusetts: ” I would describe Olga Perry's sculpture style as Romantic and Beautiful. Unfortunately in today's art world the words Romantic and especially the word Beautiful are considered not pc-- politically correct. I think her work is amazing with so little formal training, perhaps an year. Olga’s portrait heads have a distinct Russian “ look" to them with an Elegance of the tilt of the head and movement of a hand, striking design and linear movement of hair, and appealing Sexiness of her female nudes.” Country: USA Birthyear: 1965 Galleries: Vanguard Gallery, Carmel-by-the-sea Sonyo Gallery, Denver, CO Voie de Vivre, Evergreen, CO Shigi Enterprises, Nicosia, Cyprus Undino Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany Yuri's Art Gallery, Aurora, CO Period Gallery, Lincol, NE Awards: 2003 - Director recognition,"Spirit of the Spring", Los Angeles, CA. 2004 - Award of Excellence, first prize on International Contemporary VI Juried competition, Lincoln NE. Media: oil, oil painting, digital art Style: spiritual, abstract, figurative Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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