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Oscar AraripeBiography: Oscar Araripe is a new vision of California. Self-taught, as far as anyone can be, Araripe was born in Brazil but was welcomed with open arms in the USA. Araripe has collectors and admirers in 47 countries. Has had over 100 exhibitions. Hes unique in 3 novelties: the only one to paint on synthetic canvas; to use ink-markers on paintings and to show his works outdoors to the public at large, resembling marble, defying rain and wind. See (English and Portuguese site) Country: Brazil and USA Birthyear: 1941 Galleries: Oscar Araripe Personal Gallery : Rua da Camara, 92 Tiradentes/ Brazil Oscar Araripe Permanent Exhibition. 1315 Bethel Rd. Templenton/California/USA Awards: The last two were: World Art Award of Excellence 2000, from ArtSpace. Art On Paper Festival 2000/Kranj/Slovenia. Artist of the Month/Digital Conscioussness. Media: acrylic, on synthetic canvas paintings and watercolors and ink on tracing-paper. Style: other, Araripism Subjects: landscapes and nature, and Still Life, Animals, People,Cityscapes and other subjects
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