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Oscar BasurtoBiography: Master Oscar Basurto is a world well known Mystic Artist and Healer. Born with the Gift of Healing in Lima, Peru, he  has been healing and teaching  people since his early years.  His work is well known at international level and his art is characterized by been windows to the soul. It is living energy,  shaped in a very special way,  under the most strict  of the mathematics. For the observers, only one instant of experience, will allow them to discover the movement and energy. His work allows the observer and even the environment to be a receptacle of inexhaustible source  of energy. Master Basurto expresses his spiritual knowledge in amazing and unique artworks, flowing poetry and spiritual teachings, that underline the central theses of his expositions. He gives to his art and writings an enthusiasm coming from the deepest of his being and he exalts a warm and vibrating music through a  multiple palette.  One feels overjoyed by his art and writings, which have a  universal language that appeals to everyone. His, is a fascinating work, which opens us to a beautiful and inspiring spiritual reality. Country: USA Birthyear: 1957 Galleries: The artist has been honored with innumerable solo shows and private exhibitions in Central and South America and the United States and his artworks are enjoyed in many private collections. Media: computer or digital art, The artist also uses other media as oil, acrylic and written word. Style: mystical Subjects: other, Windows to the Soul.
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