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Oscar GarrigaBiography: “IMAGINARY” Years 60- Imagine that you begin to draw being boy spontaneously, and the first thing that you draw is the popular Catalan “En Patufet” story that have been telling in the school. In these first years the kids are fascinated by the characters of the (Capitán trueno, Corsario de Hierro, Mortadelo, Asterix) present in comics. Years 70- Imagine that you attend your first drawing classes, wanting to emulate to the big masters: Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon) Hal Foster (Prince Valiant), Maroto (Drácula), and to all those magnificent characters and designers that you see in the legendary magazine "Trinca ". Meanwhile, spontaneously, you create your first poems and songs. Imagine that you study Art in “Escola Massana” of Barcelona, learning drawing, painting, and engraving (with your internal revolution –of the adolescence). Simultaneously, the time of the great comic magazines begin: Totem, 1984, Creepy... as well as your first readings of Poe, Lovecraft, and Manuel de Pedrolo. Also you start to have a marked influence from the music, so much!, that motivate you to start your particular musical career. The Surrealism, the Modernism, and the Pop-Art also possess you. Years 80- Imagine that one of your idols (John Lennon) disappears and the moment touches you deeply. Imagine that you present your first radio musical program and your first painting materials allowing these to create the “Pop-Surreal” expression. At the same time, you attend to one of the first schools of comic in the country where you deepen in the engraving in several workshop, participating in collective exhibitions, competitions of comics and painting fairs. Imagine that you inaugurate delighted your own drawing and comics shop. Unfortunately the experience is short, since there is the necessity of other jobs to survive. Years 90- Imagine that the music dominates your sprit over the plastic art and you take the risk to create your first album (in a moment in that the movement of the rock resurges in Catalunya/Catalonia) devoted to this activity with all your soul and strength (at the same time, you expend several year working for the radio) until again your plastic part calls to the door, this time without concessions!. Imagine that you carry out your first individual exhibitions travelling to drawing and painting fairs, and that your illustrations are exposed in Barcelona, Mallorca, Coruña, Valladolid and Bilbao. XXI Century- Imagine... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Spain Birthyear: 1961 Galleries: On line art galleries:,,,,, Media: mixed media, drawing, watercolor,digital art Style: surrealistic, Fantasy, Sci-fi Subjects: other, landscapes, nature, animals, people
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