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Parys St. MartinBiography: I am a Digital Artist living in Adelaide, South Australia. My work is seen as Emotional Digital as the images can be sensually visual with the use of colour and form. Artists Statement: The creation of art comes from the artist reaching deep within the inner soul and placing these thoughts and feelings in a form that can be shared with others. In each of us, are obscure emotions concealed within waiting to be placed upon a medium in colours and forms so that others may see that which the mind of the artist has perceived. Searching deep within the inner being and gathering thoughts and feelings about life and then presenting sensual abstract images in hopes of arousing those similar feelings within the mind of the arts' viewers. These abstract images portrayed in my work are conduits through which you are invited to journey into our changing subconscious to recognize emotions, some of which may be hidden deep within our soul and to explore and experience this feeling for as long as you care to partake of the journey and feelings. Country: Australia Birthyear: 1953 Galleries: 2011 The Angles & Art Gallery, Haverhill, Massachusetts. USA No Commercial Potential - Garage N.3 - Venezia Mestre, Italy 2010 Human Colours, Music Athens, Greece 22-28 Dame Mailarta's Portrait Project, BC Canada International Fluxhibition # 4 Texas, USA Mailmania 4-September 2010 - BC, Canada GREEN SEEN Mail Art-Wendell Library, MA, USA - March 2009 Climate Change - The Impact, Mill Street Loft Gallery, New York, USA. May 16 - June 14 Pahoa - a Piece of Paradise - Pygoya Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii. March Love is Abstract - Pygoya Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii. February 2008 Climate Change - The Impact, Kempton, Bavaria, Germany. 27 Nov EXTRATERRESTRIAL- Pygoya Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii. 3 - 30 Oct Post 2 Coast: 97411, Watermark Gallery, Bandon-by-the-Sea, Oregon USA July. Town Park Gallery, Pagosa Springs Juried Art Show USA. June 19 - July 8. Asylum Gallery, Sacramento, California USA. May 24 - June 22. Art Digital por la Paz - City Hall Exhibition Torredelcampo Jaen, Spain. Mar 26 - Apr 11 - Showroom at the School of Art Joseph Nogué-Jaen, Spain. Apr 21 - 30 - University of Jaen, Spain. May 12 - 16 - School of Art Gaspar Becerra of Baeza-Jaen, Spain. June 2 - 6 Climate Change - The Impact, ACA Gallery, Toronto,Ontario, Canada. Feb 20 - Mar 1 2007 "Ganserhaus" Gallery of "AK68" - Wasserburg/Germany, 28 Oct - 25 Nov. Los Angeles Center For Digital Art – Snap to Grid, 13 Sept - 4 Oct. Climate Change – The Impact, International Digital Art Exhibition Lost Dog, Durango, CO USA, 25 Aug – 16 Sept. Alpine Feelings - art-cafe, kunstgalerie & kaffeehaus, Sonthofen, Germany - December 16, 2005 - February 14, 2006 .Dracula Impressions Art Exhibition - "Schlossgalerie" (castle gallery) - 4th Congress of the German Dracula-Society in Laubach/Hesse,.Germany, November 2005 IDAA International Digital Art Awards 2005 Galerie Kalina, Regen, Kirchplatz 1 Germany - Group Show. Webism Art Connecting the World - December 3,2004 – January 31,2005. Art Digital 2004 - Castle Exhibition, Chateau de Saint-Auvent, France, Sept 2004 International Virtual Exhibition of Digital Fine Art - Alagut, Budapest, 2004 Art and Soul Gallery, South Australia, 2003–2004 Frankfurt - Airport Congress Center, October - November 2003. Vienna/Austria International Exhibition, Golden Tulip Art Hotel October – November, 2003 Espace Franquin, 1, Boulevard Berthelot, Angouleme, France - August 2004 Digital Art 2003. Zest Cafe/Gallery, Glenelg, Adelaide, SA, 8 August - 23 Sept, 2003 Curater of Cyberart to the Dining Table, National and International Digital Exhibition Café and Vinothek Phlox, Stadtgäßle, Sonthofen, Germany - April, 2003. Manning Regional Art Gallery, Taree NSW, Australia, 2003, Digital Wizardry - Wall Pieces and Projections. EHCC - East Hawaii Cultural Center - International Cyberart Exhibition, 2003 ABC-Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Gateway To Arts and Culture. Postcode Digital Art Gallery, 2002 – 2003 permanent archive. Dr Rodney Chang (Pygoya) The Rave Web Museum Of Cyberart, Hawaii, Nov 02-Mar03 Schaan, Liechtenstein - Speedcom AG Exhibition, 2002. Sonthofen/Bavaria, Germany - Town Hall Exhibition, 2002. Glenelg Fine Art Gallery, "Mind Games" Group Show, 2002. A Journey from the Contemporary to the Abstract. SALA Festival - Adelaide, 2002 Tomlinson Fine Art Gallery, 'Driven To Abstraction' - Group Show Glenelg Fine Art Gallery, SA - Group Show, 2002. Tomlinson Fine Art Gallery, South Australia "Balance", 2002. EHCC Cyberart 2002 World Tour. Zest Gallery, Glenelg, SA "Emotional Digital 2" - Solo Exhibition, 2001 - 02 Convent Gallery,Victoria "Emotional Digital" - 4 Selected Artists Exhibition, 2001-02. Marble Moon Gallery, Adelaide, 2001 Galeria D'Art Zero, Barcelona, Spain "About Prints and Photographs", 2000 Langolo d'ellarte, Naples, Italy - Group Show, 2000. Gallery Max, Victoria "Best Wishes", 1999 Gallery Max, Victoria, Australia "Opening Exhibition", 1999. Media: computer or digital art Style: abstract
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