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Peter JonesBiography: I have been working with various forms of printmaking and photography most of my life. I am presently working with digital printmaking using photoshop and a number of different inkjet printers for output. Because of my age I am a digital non-native thinker- none of this came easily to me even though I have been working with with computers since the late 70's. My early education was with the traditional printmaking media- Intaglio processes, etching, engraving, collagraphy and Lithography both stone and commercial. I have been taking pictures and working in the darkroom since I was 10. I am presently running, along with my daughter Rebecca, a combined artist studio complex with studios, a theater, and a gallery called Peter Jones Studios and Gallery. One can find more about this at In my art, I am finally reaching a synthesis of my interest in photography and in printmaking. The present tools that are available to me now let me create easiy just about anything I can visualize or dream about. Country: USA Birthyear: 3/23/42 Galleries: Peter Jones Gallery Media: computer or digital art Style: visionary Subjects: other, It is difficult, none of your catagories fit very well
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