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Phil SlatteryBiography: Born 1957 in Frankfort, KY. Graduated in 1980 from Eastern Kentucky University with a B.A. in German and Russian. Officer in the US Navy from 1985 to 1996. Currently employed by the National Park Service. I experiment in what I term "elementalist" art: manipulation of the basic elements of art including and outside of color, form, and composition. This includes lustre, texture, different types of paint, perception of depth, optical illusion, etc. The intent is to produce an intellectual and emotional effect in the viewer and, in some ways, to elevate the spirit. Often I use different qualities of the same element in opposition/contrast to each other, e.g. glossy areas vs. flat tones, flat texture vs. rough, enamel dropped into wet gesso, etc. I initially started with digital art using Adobe Photoshop, but have progressed into works on canvas or wood using enamel, acrylic, oil, spray paint, spary texturizers, often combining some of these in one work. I am currently selling prints of my digital works through my website, and some of my works on canvas through galleries in Corpus Christi. Country: US Birthyear: 1957 Galleries: My works on canvas may be seen at the Island Art Emporium on North Padre Island, at WOW! the Smallest Gallery in Texas inside Tenth Street Revival in Corpus Christi, TX, and at the Art Center of Corpus Christi. In addition, I have had one photograph shown at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. Awards: In April, 2008, I won Honorable Mention for works on Canvas at the Art Center of Corpus Christi (TX) All Member's Show. The judge was the director of the Art Musum of South Texas. Media: computer or digital art Style: abstract Subjects: other, A wide mixture of subjects from abstract to represtational.
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