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Pono McNamaraBiography: PONO’S BIOGRAPHY Pono was born in Vienna, Austria, Europe and is living on the Hawaiian island of Maui since 1995. The name Pono was bestowed upon her via the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna tradition. It carries the meaning and frequency of “excellence”, “correct placement”, and “effectiveness is the measure of truth”. It is a name given to women and men alike. Because its frequency resonates with the numerical value Six, The Lovers of the Tarot. Its esoteric contents shows the sacred marriage of female and male energies within. Nomen est omen, as we shall see. Pono received her artistic training in the Art Academy of Vienna. Her most important teacher there, she says, was the famous artist Professor Maria Lassnig. Because by passing through the mills of the Professor’s unrelenting critique and intense pressure, Pono was strengthened within. Thus she was enabled to develop her unique personal style to perfection. Pono says that her time with Maria Lassnig felt like her first major initiation during this lifetime, which she passed successfully when she received the famous artist’s undivided approval in the end. While creating a profound and enormous body of artwork, and living in Japan and various parts of the United States, Pono’s initiations continued on different levels with three major esoteric traditions: Tibetan Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity, and Ancient Hawaiian Huna. Empowered by teachers with achievements defying ordinary understanding, Pono eventually arrived at the realization that she has been carrying the secret liberating knowledge lifetime after lifetime since the fall of Atlantis. This knowledge is concealed but alive within her artistic creations which include published esoteric poetry. While bypassing the doubting, critical, and deluded conscious mind, Pono’s art strikes a chord of recognition within the soul of the beholder, thus igniting the torch of freedom within. For this reason, the stories accompanying each piece of art are kept rudimentary on purpose. Pono’s work is exceptional in that it combines outstanding artistic quality with vibrational frequencies of empowerment. Many of her pieces were already in private collections around the world before she began to permit selected images to be reproduced - as Limited Edition fine art prints of 108 each – in cooperation with Spirit of Polynesian Art. 108 is the number of spiritual completion. Mantras and prayers are traditionally counted with Malas or Rosaries, consisting ... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: USA Galleries: Maui Maui Art and Cultural Center, Vienna Kunst Korper, Media: other, Acrylic, Drawing, Oil, Written Word, Watercolor Style: visionary, Spiritual, Subjects: other, Spiritual subject maters
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