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Rene RodriguezBiography: Statement "Something about the past fascinates me. Working with assemblage has enabled me to convey the experience of life. In the form of a three dimensional blueprint I utilize turn of the century antiques to form Post-Modern urban debris. What I find compelling in the discovery of found objects is the fact that it enables me to alter or redevelop life experience into an art form. Assemblage is also an important way for me to add and extend an idea beyond its original conception. When I create a piece of art it starts with a basic idea, then I add objects and images that represent thoughts or experiences on to a piece of wood. I use the color black in the back ground as this enhances the images and objects. Oxidation establishes an archaic effect in the piece and copper is used as an electrical presence. Staining objects initializes a neutral balance, leaving the final completed piece something that has progressed into a complicated formula. This transition allows the viewer to form conclusions of his or her own." -René Rodriguéz Country: USA Birthyear: 1970 Galleries: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery.SFMOMA Media: mixed media Style: other, Assemblage Subjects: other, found objects
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