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Richard BeaulieuBiography: Richard Wilfred Beau Lieu Sculptor/ Artist/ Director of Boynton Beach Neighborhood Art District From the French, Beau lieu means, literally, beautiful place. And it is both appropriate and ironic that it should. Richard Beau Lieu, an American Artist, founded Beau Lieu Sculpture Studios in 1984 in Boynton Beach, Florida. For it is in this place, known only for the scenes and scents of common industry, that Richard Beau Lieu will create some of the finest sculptures and three dimensional, mixed media compositions available today. Beau Lieu's works can be seen in galleries, public buildings and institutions through out the world. His affiliation with international art organizations and National Environmental Groups is noteworthy. In 1989, he was the recipient of the Distinguished Florida Artist of the Year Award. He also received a 1990 award for Significant Contribution to the Arts in Education from the National Organization of Young Audiences and in addition received a 1991 Resident Artist Award for his work with high school students by the Palm Beach County School Department. In 1986 he received a commission from the Starkoff Associates, that resulted in two monumental sculptures being installed on the grounds of the Arvida Executive Center in Boca Raton. In 1988, another commission resulted in the production of seven sculptures of a marine, or nautical theme, which were part of an underwater art exhibit to benefit The Center for Marine Conservation in Washington, D.C. Country: USA Birthyear: 1947 Galleries: Fine Art Galleries Gemini Gallery Palm Beach, Florida Heartly Gallery Winter Park, Florida H.L. Stein Gallery Atlanta, Georgia Martin Gallery Palm Beach, Florida Tilghman Gallery Boca Raton, Florida Neighborhood Gallery, Florida T. Lawrence Gallery Beverly Hills, California - Melbourne, Florida Urs Fine Art Gallery, Boynton Bch.Fl. Papa Gallery, Florida Awards: Honors/Awards : Distinguished Florida Artist of the Year 1989; Significant contribution to art and education, Palm Beach School Dept. 1990; Significant contribution to the Magic of Art, Young Audiences 1991; Tribute to Volunteers, Boca Raton Community Hospital 1998; N.A.R.P. Cultural Council Grant Recipient 1999; Outstanding Artist and Designers of the 20th Century 2000; Decree of Merit, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England 2001; Meritorious Achievement in Art and Education, American Biographical Society 2001; The Mike Ryan Memorial, A Tribute to Veteran Hospital Volunteers, 2002 Media: sculpture Style: abstract Subjects: other, abstract geometric sculpture
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