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Robert MartinBiography: Photography using a Sony Cybershot Digitally enhanced digital photos using Photoshop 6.0 image editing computer program. Some digital images were made by starting with photographs from a Canon AE/1 Program SLR camera, scanned images, and auto c.a.d. Then I manipulated them in Photoshop. ABOUT THE ARTIST: Robert Martin, A native of San Antonio, Texas, began making his artwork early in life. It is something he has always done. His artwork has been displayed in numerous galleries and competitions. Presently he concentrates on ceramic work while studying architecture and art. CERAMICS: Robert Martin's ceramic assemblage design is part of a series titled "Containment". The ceramics contain space by the use of organic and hard edged structural shapes that support vessels. He celebrates the function of the vessel because of its representation of life. Many vessels found around the world represent life in that many hold food and other resources. Many of the pieces are the architectural support system for the vessels. The equilateral triangle is a symbol of stability in architecture and in nature. Throughout many of the sculptures are triangle shapes and antiqued textures with various glazes on the different surfaces. The sculptural process begins with wheel thrown vessels and hand built shapes in the form of circles, spheres, triangles, and other platonic geometry. These structural pieces made from clay, metal and other media, reflect rhythms found in nature and architecture. The equilateral triangle is a Christian symbol for the body, mind, and spirit. Applied on some of the ceramic surfaces are symbols that resemble organic and earth forms. The pieces are assembled into one integrated form, a challenging process. Then, to accentuate the structure, crackled and antiqued textures are applied with various glazes on the sculptures. PAINTINGS: Robert Martin paints his impression of sunlight playing on surrounding landscapes. As sunlight passes through natural surroundings it is fractured creating a natural abstraction of the landscape. Robert Martin paints in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and encaustic wax. The enjoyment of making these sculptures and paintings is Robert Martin's main motivation. Country: United States Birthyear: 1970 Galleries: The M. MacKenzie Gallery, Spring, TX. September 2000 The One9Zero6 Gallery, San Antonio, TX. July 1999 Bridges Gallery, San Antonio, TX. July 1999 The Red Iguana Gallery, San Antonio, TX. September 1999 Gallery Cletus, San Antonio, TX. April 1999 The Peep Hole Gallery, San Antonio, TX. January 1998 The Red Brick Gallery, One person show, Bryan, TX. October 1997 King William Arts Fair, San Antonio, TX. Spring 1996 Awards: 2nd place for a painting in the Bridges Gallery Art Competition, San Antonio, TX. Second place for a sculpture in the Excel Art Competition UT Arlington, 1999 Honorable Mention for a sculpture in the TX A&M Student Art Show,1997 1st place for a sculpture in the TX A&M Student Art Show,1996 2nd place for a painting and 3rd place for a sculpture in the TX A&M Student Art Show, 1995 Media: computer or digital art Style: surrealistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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